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The typical booking of a planned Milk Bath was in the works, until I received an email letting me know that baby Jax decided to arrive into this world early,   like several months early.  I knew Kayle lived in Farmington and when I inquired where Jax had been delivered, and currently was, Kayle told me that he was in the Intensive Care Unit at St John’s hospital right here in St. Louis.  I live 2 miles from the hospital.

After a visit, I saw the love and strength of a mother who would do anything for her baby.  Fast forward 7 months when I received another email asking if I would still photograph Kayle and Jax in a Milky Bath.  Ummm, yes!!!  So the planning began.   I threw in the bonus baby tub with ducks because I just had to do it..haha!

We began the Milk Bath with fruit, I love the simplicity of it.  After several poses I traded out the fruit for roses.  Ahhh, the creamy texture of the roses against the white milk make a stunning backdrop.  Jax even thought they were creamy as he tried to eat several.  Lastly, Kayle was rewarded with some much deserved alone spa time, sinking into the warm bath with roses floating all about.  The red feather collar is feather trim attached to a ribbon via staples.  Wink, wink, I love to be creative!

These images represent the strength of a mother and the inseparable bond, a bond and love so strong that no one or nothing could ever break it!  Kayle’s mom and grandma came, my dog too so, we all sat in the bathroom and had a spa party!   What a beautiful support group, so much love and so much fun! 

Jax’s had spinal cord surgery in July.  He had to be sedated for several of days, wow, scary stuff. There are other surgeries in the future for this tough little man but because of all of the support and love this family holds, they will remain as one strong unit, lifting one when another is down.  

I was given a gift when I met and then photographed Kayle and Jax.  Thank you for stepping into my life and allowing me to document a small window of yours.

                                                        ~ Blessings ~

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