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Maternity Underwater, Maternity in Studio and Maternity on a Motocross Bike

OK, so when I meet someone who is pregnant, I ask questions such as;  ” What is your passion in life”, “What helps relax you”, and “What gets you up in the morning”?  When I […]

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My confession as a maternity photographer

  Are you ready for it, my confession?  Well, I am learning to listen to what clients really want!  You weren’t holding your breath or anything like having your hand on the phone ready to […]

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One Year Old Cake Smash with Donuts

This may not be for you but, there are certain clients that take that path to the left when everyone goes right. I love those right brained people!  Creative thinking and wanting to go outside […]

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Top Maternity Photographer in St. Louis

Top 12 Best Maternity Photographers in St Louis

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Underwater Portrait Photography, How is it done?

    Underwater photography is challenging. Understanding how water affects a subject, the use of special underwater equipment, ambient or artificial lighting choices, gravity, posing, props, and clothing choices if your subject is a human, […]

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Underwater Maternity Photography

  There is something so special about not only being fortunate enough to photograph people underwater but to photograph a woman in her pregnant state. You see, being underwater is like being in zero gravity, […]

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