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Photographing Your High School Senior

The last time I saw Lauren, she was not all glamified waiting to rock her senior high school pictures, rather she was a little girl showing me how to expertly “Cups” to the song, “When […]

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Maternity Milk Bath, Spa Time

Picture this, you are seven months pregnant (ok, well you don’t have to picture that part), as you open the door, a fresh, amazing aroma of both fresh cut fruit and flowers fill your senses.  […]

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Personal Branding, Your Headshot is Your Store Front Window

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The beauty of mother and pregnant daughter underwater

A session that brought so much emotion to my soul, has happened several times. Three examples are; One, with my daughter, Ashley’s maternity portrait. Two, with my second daughter, Lauren’s maternity portrait.  A third was […]

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Underwater Maternity, Stephania

For some reason”‘artsy” people find me.  An Artist is defined as, “a person whose creative work shows sensitivity and imagination”.   Enter Stephania and Alex.  They visited the studio for the “no obligation consultation” where a […]

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Milk Bath Photography

The typical booking of a planned Milk Bath was in the works, until I received an email letting me know that baby Jax decided to arrive into this world early,   like several months early.  I […]

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Maternity Underwater, Maternity in Studio and Maternity on a Motocross Bike

OK, so when I meet someone who is pregnant, I ask questions such as;  ” What is your passion in life”, “What helps relax you”, and “What gets you up in the morning”?  When I […]

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My confession as a maternity photographer

  Are you ready for it, my confession?  Well, I am learning to listen to what clients really want!  You weren’t holding your breath or anything like having your hand on the phone ready to […]

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One Year Old Cake Smash with Donuts

This may not be for you but, there are certain clients that take that path to the left when everyone goes right. I love those right brained people!  Creative thinking and wanting to go outside […]

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Top Maternity Photographer in St. Louis

Top 12 Best Maternity Photographers in St Louis

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