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Freelance Investment


Book covers, album covers or magazines:

  • I will shoot underwater concepts to your preference.


  • Construction/Pre-bid construction photos are $200 for a one hour job (this is your estimated time it will take to attend a pre-bid meeting and photograph structures).
  • Photographs sized to whatever measurements you need.

I will deliver around 100 photographs via your preferred delivery route within five days.


Consider what you will need in a photographer.  Do you need a stationary or roaming photographer?  If stationary, do you need a backdrop? What is your purpose of having a photographer at your event?  What do you plan on doing with the photographs?  Will the photographs be used for advertisement?  Will they photographs need to be sized for social media?  Would you like the photographer to post the photographs on line and sell them?

  • Option 1-$75 an hour for the photographers time with all of the images placed on a flash drive.  No professional re-touching, cropping or editing in any form will be applied to the images.
  • Option2-$175 an hour for the photographers time with all of the images professionally edited and enhanced (red eye reduction, touch-ups, cropping, color enhancement).  Re-sizing with my logo for social media purposes is also available at this price.  All images are then placed on a flash drive.


Please e-mail me if you have any questions and/or you are ready to book. Through our e-mail, we will mutually decide on a date and time for your session. A $50 retainer is required to book. Your date and time are held for 48 hours. If payment is not received within 48 hours, I will assume you are not interested and I will open your time slot.