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Maternity Milk Bath, Spa Time

Picture this, you are seven months pregnant (ok, well you don’t have to picture that part), as you open the door, a fresh, amazing aroma of both fresh cut fruit and flowers fill your senses.   Soft music floats throughout the air. To your right stands a porcelain bathtub filled with a white substance, fruit floating making the tub so inviting as you sink into the warm water, close your eyes and let yourself enjoy just being where you are.  Thankful for whatever brought you to this point in your life, thankful for your family and loved ones, thankful for your baby, and thankful for all of God’s amazing blessings.

This is a maternity milk bath.  Peace and relaxation take over your muscles. A soft click, click of the camera shutter is heard in the distance.  Stepping around the bathtub so stealth like, the photographer captures your special moment, your unique maternity milk bath photographs from different angles and focus points.  This is your time to relax and sit quietly with your baby you already love and can’t wait to meet.  

For a moment you think,  did I forget that I went to the spa until you realize, no, I am having the most precious moment of my maternity life captured in a spa setting.  

Thank you Stephania for reaching out to me because you wanted unique maternity photographs.  Your underwater maternity photographs and milk bath maternity photographs were all amazing.  So sorry you had so many good ones to purchase…lol!  That is my job well done, “too many amazing photographs to choose from”, wink-wink.

You, Alex and your mom, Rosa were so much fun, so kind, and so warm hearted.  It was a gift to me not only work with you all but meet you!

A few plugs to small businesses in St Louis;

 Jen Hoffmeyer at Bella Ragazza applied Stephania’s makeup. Jen does beautiful work, and is meticulous.

Stephania owns a business on Etsy, under StephaniaNicole, selling “Printable Custom Invitations for Your Occasion”.  Her work is awesome!  I can personally vouch for her work as I had her create my price list,  print, and laminate it.  Love it!

Again, thank you Stephania and Alex for finding a photographer who you knew would create very unique maternity photographs.  I believe we all worked together to achieve this. 

                                                       ~ Blessings ~



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