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Maternity Underwater, Maternity in Studio and Maternity on a Motocross Bike

OK, so when I meet someone who is pregnant, I ask questions such as;  ” What is your passion in life”, “What helps relax you”, and “What gets you up in the morning”?  When I met Jonna, I learned that she LOVES riding Motocross Bikes.  Has since she was a child.  Hummm, my brain goes crazy when people tell me something truly unusual, something I would not expect.  I mean, Jonna didn’t have those colorful leather pants on or those yucky looking black boots, rather she was in a Dr’s office, working.  Well, we should photograph you on a motocross bike while you are pregnant!  “YES” were sweet words to me ears! 

When the day came, Jonna had some ideas of photographs she wanted.  We began outside where her “honey man” (because Yan brought over her motocross bike as you may not ride when you are pregnant) in his truck. Aiming the leaf blower at Jonna made that dress swoop on up. I just can’t image what my neighbors must think when they look out their window and see me photographing butterflies let alone a woman on a motorcycle.  Don’t care though because Jonna now has her motocross photograph!  And when Paisley was born, where did we put her? Yep, in mama’s motocross helmet!  

Moving inside, again, we experimented with ideas she had, I love the classy nude, the bathrobe with her hair pulled up in a messy bun, and the famous window photo!  Next stop, the pool.  Underwater portraiture in a pool can be intimidating yet really fun once the…. “wait, I have to let all of the air out of my lungs and then go underwater” moment passes and the person realizes that my pool is not deep and all that needs to be done is to stand up if feeling afraid.  Jonna did a fabulous job and we created some amazing underwater photographs.

Thank you so much for letting me photograph you and Yan.  


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