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My confession as a maternity photographer


Are you ready for it, my confession?  Well, I am learning to listen to what clients really want!  You weren’t holding your breath or anything like having your hand on the phone ready to make a call to the police now were ya?  Haha, no really I was laying in what I like to think of as my “think tank” which is  actually my bed and this is the place where my visions and thoughts come to life.  Thinking about the past, I use to try to give clients something other than what they had asked for regarding the photo session or in post production.  Actually, I always  delivered what they requested but I would throw in what I thought they would like.  You know what?  I have not clue what anyone really wants so I save both my time and the clients by listening to their wants, desires and needs!

My daughter, Ashley, accepted my invitation to be photographed with my future grandson, Hunter.  Yes, that’s my grandchild she is holding.  What a gift I have to be able to capture my amazing daughter with child!  OK, well now I’m getting teary eyed and moving away from my purpose of blogging my “confession” so strongly moving forward….


Ashley said, “mom, there is a tunnel near the Katy Trail (where she lives)  that I want to be photographed in”.  Ashley showed me a photo of what she wanted, which was of a couple, (not maternity) in a tunnel with a blown out background and the couple’s silhouette predominately displayed.  I told her that I would take a photo similar but I would not copy another artist’s work, even though I really wanted to..haha!  So my challenge, well, first listen…”what is it about the photograph you love”?  How does it speak to you?  Call you?  Ashley said that she loved the  “bright light behind the silhouette” . OK, I am a Certified Professional Photographer so I can figure this out.  It took me quite a while of experimenting to capture the first image which I LOVE!! Then, the next image I decided to stand way back and just photograph her stunning silhouette with it’s leading lines.


Once out of the tunnel, huge sigh of relief on my part because it was a challenge, we had some golden sun!  My daughter, Ashley, has always pushed me…and my buttons, (haha) for which I am forever grateful for!


 We knew the sun was setting soon and had a few destinations planned.  The first destination was closed, the second destination was under construction so I quickly drove to the third destination.  I was not in my usual town, rather I was in Columbia, MO and Ashley knew the great places to have photographs taken.  The third destination was a park.  Our hearts were sinking because so was the sun! Our time was running out, hardly putting the car in park, we jumped out.  Godox light with beauty dish, two cameras and off we dashed.

Look at that sky, no glowing sunet for us so we made due.  I love this photo!  She is in a Sew Trendy dress that I bought specifically for her and now others get to wear this beauty!!!

Believe it or not, Ashley and I look a lot alike, except I’m 30 years older and I don’t have a baby bump…hahaha!


The very last shot, Ashley struck a pose, we giggled and it’s my favorite.  I know my child and know this is not her in a serious manner but rather a fun, playful manner.

The last few photos are with a dark sky but they are unusual, not the normal maternity photo one sees all of the time, however, had I not listened to Ashley and what she wanted, we would not have gone to the tunnel which subsequently we would not have had the unusual photographs.

I will always listen to what a client wants and dreams of.

It is my hearts desire to capture their dream image to forever be viewed, remembering this very special time in a woman’s life, printed and not stored on a flash drive or cloud to forever be unnoticed.

The child that is carried and birthed by a mama or carried by another mama and adopted is a thought from God, His plan, His desire.

Simply listen, to Him!


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