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One Year Old Cake Smash with Donuts

This may not be for you but, there are certain clients that take that path to the left when everyone goes right.

I love those right brained people!  Creative thinking and wanting to go outside of the box, or take the left path, inspire me. Once someone has an idea of what they are wanting their session to be like, my brain goes crazy!  Most people say, “oh, Lori, I can feel you thinking”!  Yep, sometimes my brain goes so crazy deep that it kinda hurts..haha! 

Pinterest, and Google are amazing places to find inspiration. I will get inspired by a photograph but will NEVER copy it!   That is a very big no-no because the creator of that image used their deep crazy imagination to create that particular image.  This goes for land, underwater, portrait or any type of photography.  Sometimes inspiration is necessary in order to get over a slump or brain block of what you somewhat imagine but are not sure how to bring that vision to life. 

The Jeffersons are very creative and want to be unique. Every session we do together is unique and can’t be seen anywhere on the internet.  This is why, when our Donut Grow Up Cake Smash was completed, I gave them the Gold Donut Grow Up sign. I told them that I will not photograph the same concept so that they could remain unique (at least for one year…lol)!  

Joseph Junior is the cutest little boy and he had a blast during our session!  Actually, I believe that we all had a blast;  baby Joseph Jr., Tamika, Joseph, myself and my husband! Yep, we were all so rowdy (not in the disorderly way), and laughing that my husband had to see what all of the fun was about.  The fun, was all about celebrating baby Joseph Junior’s first year. Mom and dad DONUT want their baby boy to GROW UP, I get it, time passes so quickly but they will always remember the joy they received by watching Joseph Jr. have fun throwing the donuts like frisbee’s. 

Oh, did I leave that part out…hee-hee-hee. 


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