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The beauty of mother and pregnant daughter underwater

A session that brought so much emotion to my soul, has happened several times. Three examples are; One, with my daughter, Ashley’s maternity portrait. Two, with my second daughter, Lauren’s maternity portrait.  A third was of Stephania’s maternity portrait with her mother, Rosa.

A side note not on the side..haha. This is a second blog post about Stephania’s underwater maternity portrait session. The first was about her husband, Alex and Stephania just so you know there is a ton of love in this family!  I felt this moment needed to be blogged separately.

Stopping a moment in time by capturing “that moment” with a photograph is my goal.  When Rosa, Stephania’s mother, came to the underwater practice session, we chatted and I saw the love between the two.  It made me think of the relationship between my mom and I. 

My mom, Janice, was my rock, who taught me patience, the need to not worry, how to sew, how have conversations with strangers and the list goes on.  Spending time with Stephania and her mom, I felt the love for sure!

After Stephania and Rosa left the studio, I had an idea which was  apparently at about the same time Stephania and Rosa did, within minutes of leaving the practice session. 

What if, mom posed with Stephania?  They are very close, it was obvious so wouldn’t that be so special, emotional?  I called and asked if they would be interested in this idea, apparently they were just talking about the same thing. Stephania asked her mom, who then cried (so I was told) and enter the session.

After photographing Stephania, Underwater mermaid, mom, Rosa, joined her daughter and was like a fish who had lived in the water her whole life!  

Briefly, we chatted about possible poses that mom and daughter could try underwater.  Stephania and Rosa both wearing white,  together sunk beneath the surface, mom holding her daughter’s baby belly. Pulling up the camera lens to my eyes, I felt it……. all of the way to my soul!

I felt the emotion that I am always looking for when photographing anyone.  The unspoken communication, the tender look, the graceful touch of your child’s face, the gentle holding of a future granddaughter. This was it, it told a story, a story of deep love!

I cried, underwater.  Honestly, I felt the love of all of their years knowing that they knew one another like only a mother and child or grandmother and child can.

Love, expressed underwater by a mom who so loves her daughter, who so already loves her little girl, who has not been born yet. Knowing there will be love for Stephania’s child as Rosa had loved her.  Knowing that there is so much love in this blog that I should have posted it on Valentines day but this love isn’t just a once per year love, it is a forever, unconditional love.

Thank you Stephania for trusting me to capture the love between grandmother, mother, and child. 

                                                          ~ Blessings ~

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