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There is something so special about not only being fortunate enough to photograph people underwater but to photograph a woman in her pregnant state. You see, being underwater is like being in zero gravity, sort of, and one experiences a sense of floating, of weightlessness. When one is pregnant at 30 weeks, it’s hard enough to tie your shoes, yea I know so that’s when we all decide to wear slip on shoes..you know I’m right!! Anyway, Andrea and I first had a practice session (no extra charge for that peeps!!) where we talked about her session. Andrea wanted a photograph of her baby boy in-utero, on land so we decided on a mini studio silhouette.

During our consultation, Andrea tried on dresses that she was interested in wearing underwater, and we talked about colors she loved…blue, yellow, red. I love bright colors underwater, makes my heart smile!! So once the wardrobe was confirmed we hoped in the pool, just Andrea and I. No camera, no pressure, and lots of encouragement. I went under without my mask to show poses, opening eyes etc., when I came up after a few times, I saw a light bulb go on. Andrea then submerged and became an underwater maternity Goddess!!! You have not idea how happy this makes me, knowing that she would arrive for her Underwater Portraiture confident!

The use of fabrics can be a super creative way to “make a dress”.  Material can be used to make a statement, add more color and create drama.

By really listening to Andrea, her communicating what she visualized, pre-planning, pool practice, and TRUST made this one of my most successful underwater maternity sessions. I did not offer this in the past, however, I will now offer a practice session with every scheduled shoot, it paid off. But you want to know the really best part of this??? I have a new friend! We giggled, shared our lives, she trusted me that I would not let anything bad happen underwater (or on land) to her or her baby, we connected and a friendship grew. Thank you Andrea for that and congratulations on your healthy boy!

~ Blessings~

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