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Underwater Maternity, Stephania

For some reason”‘artsy” people find me.  An Artist is defined as, “a person whose creative work shows sensitivity and imagination”.  

Enter Stephania and Alex.  They visited the studio for the “no obligation consultation” where a client tours the studio, sees and feels my products, and we get to know one another to see if we are a fit.  There needs to be a connection between photographer and client in order to create art.  Art is created when  a feeling of knowing, emotion, trust are felt so that when I am behind the camera, waiting for “the moment”, I not only see the moment, but I feel the moment.  

Shoot and burn, is not my practice, rather I spend a minimum of 23 hours for a portrait session and  31 more hours for underwater portrait sessions, from beginning to end. Going out of my way to make this photo session an “experience” is what I love!  

A complimentary underwater practice session is offered a few weeks before the full session.  We design your session specifically toward the clients dreams.  While sitting and chatting, Alex wanted a a Gears of War Underwater theme because they did this for their wedding.  They showed me their wedding images and I said, “we have to sit and talk” (knowing we were a fit) so we sat for another hour talking about how they wanted to be photographed.  When I said that I had a mermaid tail, “Stephania’s eyes LIT up” and she said, ” I want to be a mermaid”.  Alex looked at her like she was a Locust from Gears of War…haha, you did Alex!  She said, “but I want to be a mermaid”.  Mermaid won over the Locust.

During the practice underwater session,  Stephania brought her adorably sweet mom for moral support.  Stephania was apprehensive to let her air out and submerge underwater so we started with baby steps and progressed along to posing underwater, trust.  Underwater maternity photography or Underwater portrait photography is possible only when trust is present, a trust in me, that I will not let anything happen to you!  Safety is my number one priority!!!  Being a nurse, scuba diver, years of photographing people underwater, and having a pool that is 5 feet 3 inches helps ease ones apprehension.  Oh, and my super silly personality!

Session day came, Stepania had her makeup applied by my favorite makeup artist, Jen Hoffmeyer at Bella Ragazza in Des Peres, Missouri.  Jen’s work is brilliant and always stays on, well the eyelashes only for an hour or so.

Stephania had fun playing and once totally relaxed, got in a grove and just let go.  We had a blast and created some really fun images that her baby girl will look at in the future and say….”wow mom, you were a trail blazer, trying something that not a lot of people can do or know about”.  Well, her daughter wouldn’t say all of that but she would think something like, “cool” because that’s what the kids will be saying again someday…haha!  OK, I think I’m funny!

A plug for Stephania’s business.  Stephania creates digital graphics, like birth announcements, birthday announcements etc.  She created my pricelist and laminated, stunning!  I love her work, you can find her on Etsy.

 Next blog post is when Rosa, Stephania’s mom joined us in the pool, emotional for sure, followed by Stephania’s Maternity Milk Bath blog!

Thank you Stephania and Alex for finding me, trusting me and allowing me to capture this amazing moment in time in so many different genres.

                                                       ~ Blessings ~



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